i-Access My Rights: 'Smart' justice for children, with the aid of artificial intelligence

In Europe, child victims of crime do not have access to simplified information about their rights in criminal proceedings. In the i-ACCESS My Rights project, we address this gap by using artificial intelligence in creating a tool to help children navigate complex criminal procedures.

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The i-Access My Rights project aims to improve access to information and legal assistance in the field of digital justice for child victims in the European Union, by promoting an AI solution that is above all child-centric. The aim is to create an accessible tool based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, where child victims will have access to information on their role and rights in criminal proceedings, presented in a child-friendly way. Starting from the belief that the most "competent" people to advise us about children are the children themselves, the tool will be developed with Child Advisory Boards, thus ensuring their active participation. The project is aimed at professionals, policymakers, and child victims aged 14-18 years, but also the public. It focuses on Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania and will also disseminate its results at the European level.


1.           Research regarding relevant legislation, services provided to child victims and the existence of similar tools at national and European levels.

2.           Establishment of an Ethics Committee to ensure that the methodology complies with all EU and national regulations on personal data and child protection.

3.           Design sessions where children and professionals will provide ideas, comments, and suggestions to shape the tool.

4.           Establishment of a Children's Advisory Board where children will have an active role, be empowered and become agents of change themselves by advocating for their rights.

5.           Training children and professionals in the use of the tool during its pilot implementation.

6.           Presentation of results, dissemination of information and awareness raising among stakeholders.

The project has two years (2023-2025) duration and is implemented by Terre des hommes Regional Hub in Hungary, Terre des hommes Hellas, Terre des hommes Romania, Social Activities and Practice Institute in Bulgaria, Noldus in the Netherlands, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium and Lawren.io in Belgium.

For more information on the project implementation in Greece, please contact Panagiota Kanellopoulou at panagiota.kanellopoulou@tdh.org




The project is co-funded by the European Union.

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