Cultural and Contextual Adaptation of a "Problem Management Plus" methodology for Afghan Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Greece

The PM+ methodology addresses long-term gaps in the provision of psychosocial services (PSS) to vulnerable young people including to unaccompanied minors experiencing emotional distress. Designed by the World Health Organization, this methodology introduces a procedure of peer support by trained staff who have refugee backgrounds or similar cultural backgrounds. The PM+ sessions focus on empowerment and self-management stress relief techniques and often target the family/people that surround the child or youngster in need.

This Contextualisation Report outlines the steps that need to be followed to adapt PM+  for its use among young and adult (over 16 years) Afghan refugees and asylum seekers across Greece. It presents a series of recommendations for the adaptation of the intervention to be considered when delivering PM+ in this setting and modifications to the intervention manual to be made by a Dari interpreter. 

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Camila Perera and Michail Lavdas
Tdh Hellas
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